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They are used to impart texture (such as the roughness of a natural rock face) to the wall surface rather than the deeper, well-defined patterns made by stamps.

Vertical Texture adds beauty to enhance vertical surfaces, to your walls inside your home or office, a fireplace front or an exterior privacy wall by similar stamping and texturing techniques. The engineered cement-based wall overlay materials can be applied directly over virtually any properly prepared wall surface, including concrete and masonry, wood, cement board, plaster and drywall and even over blocks. These polymerised mixes are engineered to go on thickly from 1 mm to 5 mm It can be pigmented to give a natural concrete tone or stained to simulate the appearance of natural stone, brick or other wall materials.

Application of Vertical Texture

  • Walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Basement walls
  • Theme rooms in hotels and resorts
  • Building Facade
  • Boundary Walls
  • and any other area as per architects thought...




Centering Wood Texture

Cliff Stone Texture

Construction Wood Plank texture

Cotton Bale Texture

Crumbled Paper Texture

Crushed Plastic Texture

Dholpur Slab Texture

Dholpur Stone Texture

Dholpur Texture with Border

Dholpur Texture with Bordere

Fallen Leaf Texture

Fossil Texture

Granita Texture

Granitee Texture

Junked Ball Texture

Natural Brick Texture

Natural Rock Texture

Quarry Granite Texture

Random Cliff Texture

Random Stone Texture

Roman Brick Texture

Rustic Brick Texture

Rustic Cliff Stone Texture

Rustic Cotton Bale Texture

Rustic Sand Plaster

Rustic Traventine Texture

Sand Cast Texture with Border

Sand Grain Texture

Sand Grains Texture

Shredded Leaf Texture

Shredded Wood Fossil Structure

Stripple Texture

Traventine Texture

Tree Bark Texture

Venetian Cloudy Texture

Venetian Plaster Smooth

Venetian Plaster Unique

Venetian Rustic Plaster Texture

Volcanic Fossil Rock Texture

Volcanic Rock Texture

Fallen Leaf Metallic Texture


Application Procedure

SURFACE PREPARATION - A good surface Preparation is essential for success of the project. Embark on mock-up. Check all tools are handy and in good condition.

MIXING THE COMPONENTS - While mixing overlay materials, ratio of dry to liquid component is very important to see the consistency of the mix. If the mixture is too dry, it will be weak and could crumble away. If too watery, it will sag or run down the surface.

APPLICATION OF THE MIX - The application thickness will depend on the design required for carving. Apply the material at a consistent thickness to ensure pattern uniformity.

CURING - As Appropriate

COLOURING and SEALING - Apply protective colour, give dual tone effect to get a natural, rustic and weathered look. Seal the surface.

Decorative Concrete

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