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Engineered Stone Veener recreates the look of natural stone by replicating natural stone and shape and texture. Manufactured stone veneer is often as striking and beautiful as the natural stone it emulates. Also known as faux stone, manufactured stone veneer is a manmade material designed to replicate the look of natural stone in a variety of architectural applications ranging from exterior facades to unique statement walls. The stones offer wide array of shapes, sizes, and color gradations that even a trained eye can find it hard to determine the difference between faux and natural stone without close inspection. Identified based on the way it uplifts the environment in which it is placed, this design is an exploration into style meeting nature. The elegance and majesticity of these large stones creates an atmosphere straight out of important historical buildings, imposing a rich and powerful feeling.

Engineered Wood Venner resembles old wood that has been laid under tracks and naturally textured by gradual erosion This wood is passionately handcrafted and the intrinsic features of wood are delicately carved and coloured, to bring to life the inspiration from nature.

Quality is in the detail

Application of

  • Walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Theme rooms in hotels and resorts
  • Building Facade
  • Boundary Walls
  • And any other area as per architects thought...


Cave Stone

Coral Reef

Cottage Brick

Country Ledge Stone(1)

Country Ledge Stone

Fossil Brick Wood

Fountain Stone

Sand Castle Stone

Track Wood

Vintage Brick

Vintage Ledge Stone

Vintge Ledge Stone

Wood Block


Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Vertical Precast

Application Procedure

SURFACE PREPARATION - A good surface Preparation is essential for success of the project. Embark on mock-up. Check all tools are handy and in good condition.

MIXING THE COMPONENTS - While mixing overlay materials, ratio of dry to liquid component is very important to see the consistency of the mix. If the mixture is too dry, it will be weak and could crumble away. If too watery, it will sag or run down the surface.

APPLICATION OF THE MIX - The application thickness will depend on the design required for carving. Apply the material at a consistent thickness to ensure pattern uniformity.

CURING - As Appropriate

COLOURING and SEALING - Apply protective colour, give dual tone effect to get a natural, rustic and weathered look. Seal the surface.

Decorative Concrete

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